This is our selection of essencial, unique places that you must visit during your stay at the Hotel Villa Covelo.


The historic district of Combarro, located 2 km from Hotel Villa Covelo, is a must-visit for anyone exploring Poio. Visitors cannot miss the charm of this fishing village, which has been recognized as an Artistic and Picturesque Ensemble since 1972 due to its uniqueness.


The historic center of Pontevedra is located 8 km away from Hotel Villa Covelo. Declared a Historic-Artistic Ensemble in 1951, it is one of the best-preserved in Galicia, bearing witness to the medieval splendor of the city when Pontevedra was closely tied to the sea.

Monastery de San Xoan de Poio

Situated in the municipality of Poio, the enchanting San Xoán de Poio is a medieval Benedictine monastery that currently houses a community of Mercedarians. This historical site has been recognized as a Cultural Heritage since 1971.

Monastery de  Armenteira

Nestled between the Pontevedra and Arousa estuaries, in the region of Salnés, lies the serene Monasterio Cisterciense de Armenteira, home to a community of dedicated nuns from the same order.

“Variante Espiritual” of the way

The “Spiritual Variant” combines two Jacobean Routes: the Portuguese Way and the “Route of the Sea,” the Origin of all routes. Covering a distance of 73 Km, it offers numerous attractions and historical sites, as well as the delightful cuisine of the region and the enchanting surroundings of the O Salnés region.

Route of watermills  de Samieira

Discover the enchanting Mill Route that stretches along a 5.5 km path on the southern slope of Monte Castrove in the parish of Samieira. This captivating route takes you through the banks of the Freixía River, where you’ll find a fascinating collection of 23 mills in varying states of preservation. Immerse yourself in Galicia’s rich culture and architecture as you encounter numerous traditional granaries, wayside crosses, fountains, and sacred statues along the way.

Route del Padre Sarmiento( the way)

From Combarro to Carril, connecting with the Portuguese Way on its final stretch, this new route to the legendary Santiago takes you through the most dazzling landscapes of O Salnés.

 Route “da pedra e da auga”

Set of water mills, erected in 1700 on the left bank of the Armenteira River in the Serén area. These mills were the great marvels of the flour industry, used to grind various types of grain or cereal.


Municipio with the highest number of Blue Flag beaches in Spain since 2004 to date, boasting 36 km of coastline. Situated just 6 km away from the Hotel Villa Covelo.

O Grove

The beaches, hot springs, and seafood make O Grove village one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Galicia.


Welcome to Hotel Villa Covelo, your gateway to the enchanting town of Cambados, known as the capital of Albariño wine. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the renowned Museo do Viño and the charming local wineries. Wander through the historic centre and be captivated by the magnificent Plaza de Fefiñanes, where you can admire the impressive façade of the Fefiñanes Palace, a 17th-century church, and picturesque arcaded houses. A short distance south of the town lies the romantic ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo, a 15th-century church. Take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets of the Santo Tomé neighborhood and visit the quaint harbor.


The Cathedral, along with the four surrounding squares: Obradoiro, Quintana, Inmaculada, and Praterías, as well as the main historic streets, are a must-visit for first-time visitors. However, there are other hidden gems within the city that no one should miss out on during their tourist itinerary.

Bosque de Colón

In 1992, 500 Californian redwood trees were planted on the slope of Mount Castrove, gifted by the American Senate to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. The planting was a collaborative effort between American and Poio youth.

Path “do Laño”

Start at the Covelo dock and follow the coastline of Samieira, experiencing a journey through coves and oak groves. This route is 1.2 km long and connects with the Samieira Mills Route. At Hotel Villa Covelo, embark on this picturesque adventure to explore the beauty of the surroundings.

Path  “Ostreira”

This 1.8 km coastal route takes you along the coast from the recreational area of A Reiboa. It is named after the first oyster farm in Spain, which was located here in 1868. Enjoy stunning views of the Ría and the island of Tambo, as well as the surrounding islets. This route also connects with the “Muiños da Freixa” trail.